Sell SNES games with Manuals together or separately?

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Sell SNES games with Manuals together or separately?

Post by exodous » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:32 pm

I have a few incomplete sets for SNES games. I sold a bunch of games, N64 at the oldest, and this was what happened:

Ok, so I sold a Collectors Edition box/manual of Ocarina of Time and then found my game. The cost of the complete game is about $10 more than what I will get if the cart sells for the fair price listed on The amazing thing was all my games went within $1 of the price listed on that site, but they were all GBA games in box, now I'm selling my SNES and Genesis games and those are worth quite a bit more.

I have a mint complete box of Secret of Mana without the game, it has the map, manual, cradboard game holder, ad for Nintendo Power, mail in slip for the official Nintendo strategy guide, and the black and white Nintendo pamphlet every SNES game came with. I know I don't have the cart anymore, I let a friend borrow it way back in grade school and never got it back. Loose it is $51.00 and complete is $114.50. Is it worth holding it out for a cart when I see one is listed at the fair price of $51 where they are $70 right now or should I sell the box?

One more is I got A LInk to the Past as a pack in with my SNES, it didn't come with a box, but came with the manual, so I have the cart and the manual, should I sell them together or separately?

I also have FFIII manual with map, and can sell everything else that came in with the game together, but I don't have the box or the cart, is that worth selling?

My Genesis games are all complete, manual and box, but I don't have anything complete for the SNES.

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