New Atati 2600 Homebrew Upp!

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New Atati 2600 Homebrew Upp!

Post by slobu » Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:09 pm

Decided to tweak an existing game of mine and release it as a free download on They have a tip jar kinda thing going on but it's entirely optional.

Escape the space barrier by thrusting upwards! Avoid the plasma ball and laser blasts from enemy UFOs. Obtain the energy pods (the round objects with an exclamation mark) to blast openings. If a plasma ball strikes an energy pod then the space wall rebuilds. Points are awarded when the plasma ball hits the space wall or the player exits far north.

Set either difficulty switch to PRO for a slightly more challenging game.
Press FIRE to start game or thrust upwards.
Steer left or right with the joystick.


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