Gameboy Pocket with Absolutely No Sound

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Gameboy Pocket with Absolutely No Sound

Post by Phestor » Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:01 pm

I've searched high and low for instructions on repairing a "no sound at all" problem with my Gameboy Pocket and have found close to nothing.

The handeld has no external or internal (headphone jack) sound. Everything inside on the board looks fine and there are no loose solders or damage to any components.

Any idea what this may be? This is only the second handheld I've had issues with, the other being a Gameboy colour that had a minor/easy fix...

Thanks lads!

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Re: Gameboy Pocket with Absolutely No Sound

Post by RegalSin » Fri Mar 28, 2014 2:42 pm

Here is the deal. This is a random thing with Gameboys. Usually it is the later GBColors that have the bad sound. Most original Gameboys the sound will remain strong, but it does happen. Nintendo in the later years, used cheap parts, even cheap batteries, as the approaching of the Gamecube. Basically technology nowadays are only made for a limited time, instead of being the hi-tech wonders of the 1980's.

What could have occur is the Gameboy Pocket was in water, or something along those lines. Like over heated, or sweat. What you can do is, replace the speakers with high end ones. You could even place big gigantic speakers from a television set inside a Gameboy. However most people would even reccomend any generic brand you could find on the internet. I am sure their are tons of "instructions" on how to repair the speaker. Probably requires some de-soldering, and re-soldering as well.

It is not the biggest problem. it just means you need to replace the speakers. At least it is not a blasted labtop, where you have to record yourself, and be-careful in reassembling.

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