I want to modify a Mega-drive Controller.

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I want to modify a Mega-drive Controller.

Post by Linaru » Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:16 pm

I really love my Mega-drive controller for old games, while i use it on my console often enough i also have an adaptor that allows me to use it on my pc, when ever i play an older styled game , such as freedom planet or shovel knight, i prefer to use my mega-drive controller. The problem is for some of those newer games that are styled like old ones the mega-drive controller can be a little slow and unresponsive.

I did however have a spare Xbox One controller that had broken joysticks, and that got my thinking, Would it be possible to take out the mechanical components of an xbox one controllers D-pad and buttons and put them on some kind of custom circuit board inside of a mega-drive controller, so as to have a fully working mega drive controller with very responsive buttons?

My knowledge of circuitry and electronics is pretty basic , i know enough to repair an old mega-drive controller with a poor connection but looking inside an Xbox one controller its hard to work out if the buttons even work in a similar way.
if anyone has any idea of whether or not this is possible i would really appreciate their input.

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