Modified Controllers

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Modified Controllers

Post by Vyothric » Tue Aug 13, 2013 12:36 pm

All the controllers I've modified in one way or another:


Blue 1: Ex-plug & play console controller. Now a standard Mega Drive controller.

MD normal (Amiga): C = Up for joystick games where Up is Jump. Also use this for other systems.

Blue 2: Ex-plug & play console controller. Same as the Amiga one for now. For use with various systems.

CD-i: Up = off or C = Up (switch)

Saturn (white) 1: Ex-PC USB controller. Now a SNES controller

Saturn (white) 2: Ex-PC USB controller. Now a Gamecube controller (for playing games on the GB player, but I suppose you could use it for other games too if they support the d-pad)

Red: Ex-plug & play console controller. Now for Mega Drive games, but with A & C swapped for games where A is Jump and there's no option to change it.

MD normal 2: Wired to work on the ST. Also has a switch for up/C jump.

Saturn (black): Ex-Saturn controller. Now a SNES controller.
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