Trying to find a game about a Necromancer or similar

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Trying to find a game about a Necromancer or similar

Post by Xion » Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:16 pm

Hello everybody. :grin:
I'm trying to find an old game and hope you can help me.
I only remember few incomplete things about it, and probably some of them have become wrong by time, but that's all I have... That's why there are so many "maybe", "probably" and similar.
I'll try my best to describe what I remember. :?

The game: you are a hero that have to defeat a Necromancer (or some sort of evil wizard or a similar villain) that lives in a castle (maybe in the north of the map?). When you are in the city, you can choose between going to work (to earn money), going to train your combat skills (I remember some skills like mace, lance, etc...) paying a fee or going to compete in a joust (to earn money).
You cannot face the Necromancer-or-whatever-it-is alone, so you have to build an army. You can hire different types of warriors and even siege weapons.
There are probably some magical items, too.
When you wander through the map, there are unsafe zones like the desert, where you can get lost (and lose a part of your army) without a compass.
You probably will face something else than your Not-so-surely-necromantic-opponent, maybe other armies too.
Can't remember if the map was fixed or not.

Graphic: the screen was almost black, vertically divided into two parts. On the left, something like a raw map, with indication about the position of the Villain-who-probably-is-a-black-magic-lover's castle. Maybe even the position of a city and some other places.
On the right you have your hero's stats (and/or skills), the list of your army and (probably) your inventory. Maybe there's the list of your enemies army, too.

The context: I played this game in 1992, but it's probably older. I played it on a 2086 (Amstrad) with only the drive A: and no hard disk. It was on a 3.5 floppy and ran under DOS.
I played it in italian ('cause I'm italian too), and I don't know if it was available in other languages, because it was a gift from a friend of my dad and the floppy was probably copied from another one (it had no "original label").

Ok, I think it's all I can remember. :confused:
Is there someone who can help me?

Thank you very much in advance, and please forgive my english (it's not my first language).

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Re: Trying to find a game about a Necromancer or similar

Post by Vyothric » Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:28 pm

Doesn't ring a bell....

MrFlibble might know. He posts here sometimes and also over at - which is a good place to try and find out about old DOS games.
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