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Post by MrFlibble » Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:12 am

HacX is a game that has recently come to my attention. It appears to be not very well known because it started as a commercial add-on/total conversion for Doom II that did not sell well, and eventually the developers have released it as freeware. By version 1.2, HacX no longer requires Doom II to play, and thus has become a stand-alone, freeware game that can be described as a Doom lookalike with a cyberpunk theme.

HacX official site
HacX screenshots
HacX at MobyGames
HacX at Doom Wikia
An interview with Perry "Bow" Bowman at DoomWorld

HacX v1.2 requires a modern source port to run (Chocolate Doom or ZDoom will do fine), however it turns out that it is also possible to play HacX v1.1 under DOS without the original version of Doom II.

Alongside the standard distribution of registered HacX v1.1 (the first version to have been released as freeware by Banjo), which requires Doom II to install, there's a plain files package what was originally done for people who have a non-DOS release of Doom II (Win95 or Mac). You can get it here:

To play this version without the Doom II installation, a configuration file is required, and also the main IWAD file, which by default was supposed to be DOOM2.WAD. HacX v1.1 uses certain files from the IWAD, including the palette. This is the major difference between v1.1 and v1.2 (which does not require any external files to work), and because of this the v1.2 IWAD can be used in lieu of the original DOOM2.WAD simply by renaming it. Alternately, you can use the IWAD from Freedoom, and I think the Doom shareware episode IWAD will do fine too. (The game will accept any IWAD, including those from other shareware/demo versions of Doom engine games (Hexen, Strife), with as much as a warning, but other games have different palettes and for that are not usable.)

As for the configuration file, you can use the SETUP.EXE programme from any other Doom engine game shareware or demo, keeping in mind that the resulting CFG file must be renamed into DEFAULT.CFG for it to be recognized by HacX.

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