Retro Games Upgrade Unit - Would you want this?

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Retro Games Upgrade Unit - Would you want this?

Post by renegadeandy » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:31 pm


I have an idea that I would like some feedback on. I am a retro games fan, and like many others, strive to get the best picture / quality of signal from my old retro games consoles.

It is a confusing and complicated business, up scaling of different signals is not particularly easy and often results in a confusing bundle of boxes, wires, research and resulting in a bit of a mess. I am imagining a better way for retro consoles to be connected to our high-end displays and audio equipment. A way which means you as the gamer don’t need to play with cables, signals, converters, upscalers etc, and instead can have an object of beauty responsible for all of this complexity which will secure crisp, clean visuals from all retro games consoles to your TV and audio equipment.

It would work a little like this :


Or more concisely :


Essentially the magic box would :

• Remove a jumbled mess of legacy cabling from around your TV set
• Save you time researching how to get RGB from which cable type for your console and then how to upscale it to HDMI
• Deliver crisp clear visuals from all sources without mods, research etc. We could provide necessary AV cables if required
• Be the upgrade hub for all your retro games systems, in the same way an AMP is the center point for your audio system

If this existed would you use it?
What else might you want it to do?
What would you value most about this box if you had it and it could do anything?

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Re: Retro Games Upgrade Unit - Would you want this?

Post by Vyothric » Wed Sep 14, 2016 12:27 pm


For me, CRT's are the only way to go.
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