Made a game - Star Citadel (beta) - a homage to Star Castle

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Made a game - Star Citadel (beta) - a homage to Star Castle

Post by bartread » Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:02 pm

Hey everyone,

So I made a game too. It's a homage to the Cinematronics arcade classic Star Castle, and it's called Star Citadel. You can play a beta version at:

There's work still to be done but I'd love to know what you think. You can find a video of an early alpha of the game on Youtube (this is a few months old):

It works well on most desktop browsers: IE10 or later, Edge, or any recent version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. It also works on iOS or Android. You'll need an iPhone 5S, iPad 4, gen 1 iPad Mini, or later (you might get away with an iPad 3 - I've not tried). With Android it's more difficult to say, but my test device is a mid-range smartphone - in this case a OnePlus Two - so you ought to be OK with a high end Samsung or similar that's less than about 2 years old, or a very recent mid-range smartphone. Javascript performance on Android isn't amazing, and it does tend to vary quite a bit, which is why I'm a little sketchy on the exact spec of device you'll need. I haven't tested any browser other than Chrome on Android.

Controls-wise, it's keyboard on desktop and laptop (arrows to steer and thrust, SPACE to fire - hold for continuous fire), and tilt/touch on tablet mobile. You tilt to steer, touch the left hand side of the screen to thrust, and the right hand side to fire.

Any comments/questions/problems, please do let me know. I'll reply as quickly as I can.

Thanks for looking!


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