Job Interview : What Should I Know?

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Job Interview : What Should I Know?

Post by DoubleOSeven » Sat May 07, 2016 10:43 am

Hello and good day to all of you!

I'm due for a job interview next week for a store that sells old school games; from classic Atari stuff to PlayStation 2 and everything in between. I'm really hoping to land this job, but I do wonder what kind of "got'cha!" questions I might run into and how should I respond?

Upon initially meeting my potential boss, she asked me "So what do you know about retro gaming?"

I told her "I was born in '86, the year of NES; I've owned most every console system that has been released since, with a couple of exceptions, such as the Sega 3DX." She didn't seem impressed but I don't think she was exactly disappointed either. My big selling point was the fact that I had a car and was willing to travel to any of the 3 store locations and be on call when needed.

Then she goes on to ask "Do you know the difference between NTSC and PAL?"

At the time, I didn't know the specifics but based on semi-educated assumptions I told her "Well I know NTSC and PAL are somewhat region related; you most likely can't play a PAL game on an NTSC standard console, visa versa" She just nodded and smiled so I'm not sure if that was the exact answer she was looking for. Granted, I can pull it up on wikipedia and see that I'm not entirely incorrect but... yeah.

Anyways, do any of you work at or manage an old-school gaming store? What kind of questions should I be expecting during the real trial-by-fire interview? Thank you all ahead of time for reading my post, I'm hoping I can ace this interview and land this job.

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