Looking for good retro-inspired coop games.

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Looking for good retro-inspired coop games.

Post by Lord_Jenkins » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:53 pm

Yo, folks!

Sooo... I am very fond of coop gaming, recently - be it coach or online multiplayer but... there's not a lot of good things out ther.e I've played a lot of Terraria and Starbound - which are not coop-centric, but great games. I also tried some Risk of Rain (again, great game), Towerfall, Broforce - again, great games, but they don't feel so coop-centric as well. It feels like coop is just optional.

Again - I am not necessarily looking for pure retro stuff. I would prefer something that is new, with responsive, fresh mechanics and interfaces - but heavily inspired by older titles.

I'll give you an example: I tried running Chaos Engine (Steam version) - 'cause I remember it from Amiga and I loved it then - but it's not that great anymore, even though it's a remastered version. But I stumbled upon a game called Tower 57 - when it was available as a demo during E3, I downloaded the demo from Humble Bundle then. It's a great twin-stick retro-inspired shooter with coach coop - but the demo only offers one level (sewers/canals) and I would love to try out more. It has this nice Amiga/Chaos Engine feel - but is more modern controls and interface-wise. I've played it with my friend as well and we loved the retro coach coop feeling. But still - I know there is some kind of beta out there - 'cause I've seen some folks playing it on YouTube. I was wondering if maybe some of you had a chance to test it out, too - and if yes, HOW did you get the beta access?


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Re: Looking for good retro-inspired coop games.

Post by JosephCalhoon » Fri Mar 23, 2018 1:56 pm

There are so many good one. If I have to list 5
  • Golden Axe
    The Adventures of Batman and Robin
    Gunstar Heroes
    Streets of Rage
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