Delorean Time the UK?!

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Doc Brown
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Delorean Time the UK?!

Post by Doc Brown » Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:04 pm

Hi guys/gals,

I hope you don't mind me posting here, but I'm hoping that some like minded retro lovers will enjoy this.....if not, "your kids are gonna love it!" :D

I have recently acquired quite a special Delorean from the US and I'm working with to indirectly assist the Michael J Fox Parkinsons Foundation. It meant that I could have a personal touch with them and attend events to raise donations. I attended their main Summer Ball at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate this weekend and we managed to get a few hundred pounds from photos which was nice :)

I have created a little site with some pics for those interested. I'm open to do the occasional birthday or wedding for respectful fans, and will be attending a few Sci-Fi conventions to raise further funds. I also have a Twitter page going for updates - @uktimemachine

I'm also a keen console collector. I have to say, after all these years I still think my Dreamcast is my favourite! :mrgreen: I wish Power Stone 3 would come out :( I had a MegaDrive with over 100 games but in my foolish childhood, traded it all for a new Sega Saturn with Virtua Fighter and a few other games like Clockwork Knight. Boy do I now regret that one!! :oops:

See you in the future....or in the past! ;)

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