CRYSTAL KINGDOM a 16-bit oJRPG from fans for fans

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CRYSTAL KINGDOM a 16-bit oJRPG from fans for fans

Post by crystal-kingdom » Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:31 am


Do you remember the good old days when you sat in front of a TV and had to plug in a game cartridge in order to start up your favourite fantasy RPG? We remember those times, and that's why we started a fangame-based project called SEYKEN a few years back to celebrate them. It had online capability right from the start, and so we learned that there are quite a few people out there wanting the same. Now we'd like to take it one step further by creating our own original game, by fans for fans -- and you can become a part of it!

Got your interest?

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Re: CRYSTAL KINGDOM a 16-bit oJRPG from fans for fans

Post by RegalSin » Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:31 pm

I will admit it does look inviting, but you need to reach further out. Like trying doing a search on my name and visit the forums I have been on.
Their is alot more people who are intrested in this idea.

My opinion on this is that kickstarter is alot more friendlier then this??? Unless igogo has better rules??, and JRPG is considered an Action RPG. However your theme is more or less how people felt about RPG games back when FF7 and Super Mario RPG was released and funcoland was still around.

Another opinon is the original fan base are divided among each other. Most of died in a war, many of us are poor, some os us like you worked on projects either support or not supported by our families, and of course many are trapped in marriage and raising children, or is using newer systems. You need to rally as many people as possible, who have the time for this experience.

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