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Post by Glen M » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:16 pm

Hello all.

I've been dabbling in retro game collecting for a few years now and also try my hand at mods. To date I have the following consoles:

Master System 1: modded for composite and rca audio out. I'm considering the FM card mod.
Mega Drive 1: modded for region switch, 50/60hz switch, composite and rca audio out. It was modded for the PAL60 composite colour fix but my mod died so it is temporarily put back to stock. I also tried the overclock mod but couldn't get it stable so again this is reverted to stock. I will fix my PAL60 colour thing as I want to play games full screen, full speed.
Game Gear: recapped.
Saturn: no mods completely stock (for now)
Dreamcast: no mods but does need its battery replacing

PS1: no mods
PS2: not so much modded but expanded with internal hdd.
PSP: no mods

Xbox: modded with xecuter 2 and bigger hdd. I mostly use this for arcade emulation.

Amiga CD32: modded for RGB out
Amiga 1200: not so much modded but expanded with 40mhz 030 accelerator, 128mb ram (ACA1233n) and 80gb hdd.

Nintendo DS Lite: no mods
Nintendo Gamecube: no mods but I would like to chip this for playing imports

Atari 2600: cause every gamers needs a 2600 lol

I play my games on an old rear projection 32" 4:3 CRT which is perfect, in my opinion, for retro gaming. The dreamcast and xbox can make better use of HD screens but I'm happy with my setup for now. I have a random selection of games for each system.

Anyway thanks for having me on the forum.

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Re: Hello

Post by Vyothric » Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:37 pm

Hello. Nice setup you have there! :banana:
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