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Hey everyone!

I'm Jason and I recently opened up shop online at I professionally clean, repair & restore old retro video games, consoles, parts and accessories. I have a background as an avionics technician and am located in Cold Lake, Canada. We will ship to anywhere in the world at a fairly decent rate, everything is well packed and protected.


We currently have NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy colour & Game Boy Advance systems and games listed on the store, but more is coming! We are also partnered with Hyperkin to provide brand new emulation systems and other hardware to play your old carts on new devices. Currently we charge no taxes as we are a small supplier so you can take advantage of that price cut as well.

My specialty is really console restorations; I dare you to buy a system from a brick and mortar store thats in better condition than mine! No-one cleans and fixes them up like I do. I grew up on video games so I also have a lot of background knowledge, though I'm still learning.

I offer parts & repairs in my Retro Shop area which I do on my little workshop area in my basement. I'm sort of a mom & pop kind of operation right now, but hoping to grow and open up my 1st physical store location in Northern Alberta! :)

I also have a Facebook page:

A Twitter feed: @RedAntRetro

And a few Pinterest boards:

Oh and it would be super if you drop by to read the blogs I write from time to time:

Outside of my store, I do love retro games and much rather play them than a lot of the newer AAA titles. Get to know me well enough and you'll discover some of my insightful thoughts as to why I find the older games are generally better. I'm also an indie game dev who is taking a break from making games to pressure my business, but I may get back to that and finish some of my unreleased commercial projects as either high quality home-brew or Steam/console titles.

Fun fact: My name is in the credits in Elliot Quest! I did some early quality assurance work for Luis Zuno before he did his big Kickstarter campaign that made it popular and gave him enough funds to get it to all the major consoles at the time. (PS3/4, Xbox One & Wii U) So I got a neat bucket list kick out of getting my name on an officially licensed Nintendo game. ;)

Well I've done a whole lot more, but there is only so much a 36 year old guy can blab on about before he sounds like grandpa. :P

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