May the games be with you

Welcome to the world of....yesterday.
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May the games be with you

Post by PerfectDoak » Sun May 15, 2011 10:15 pm

I'm a site admin and sister of the forum creater.
My first system was the Acorn Electron, and I remember waiting and hoping for games to load from the cassette! I remember my favourites were 'Snapper' - a Pacman clone and 'Repton 3' - a maze/adventure game.
I didn't have any consoles as my parents thought it 'd be a bad influence! But we had a PC with hundreds of DOS games instead! 7 games to a floppy disk and free full games with computer magazines, those were the days!
I loved the 'Lemmings' series, I thought Lemmings 2 was AMAZING! Other PC faves included Commander Keen, Dizzy and Supaplex.
After Windows 95, I didn't play as many games until my brother got an N64. Blasphemous - but I hated GoldenEye the first time I played it! Maybe that was because I was playing multiplayer licence to kill against 3 experts! Long story short, it turned out to be one of my favourite games, along with Diddy Kong Racing, Ocarina of Time and Perfect Dark.
Got a Gamecube, played a few games on it then stopped gaming as much...
Recently started re-playing some N64 games, currently playing Perfect Dark and GoldenEye :dance:
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Goldeneye (N64)
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